2021.5) 최승형 (MS)  현대 모비스 산학 장학생 합격 축하합니다!

2021.1) 한윤하(MS)  NC Soft 입사를 축하합니다!

2021.1) 김휘연 (MS)  THYROSCOPRE 입사를 축하합니다!

2021.1) Congratulations! A paper on impulse purchase (1저자: 한윤하, 석사과정) is accepted by The Web Conference 21 (top-tier conference)

2021.1) Congratulations! A paper on Deep Learning Models for traffic prediction  (1저자: 이현욱, 석박통합과정) is accepted by IEEE ICDE 21 (top-tier conference), short

2021.1) Welcome! 김주희 (석박통합)  joins the lab. She will research on Deep Learning,  Visualization, and HCI.

2021.1) Welcome!  문경환 (석박통합)  joins the lab. He will research on Deep Learning models for traffic prediction and shared cars. 

2020) 이충기 (MS) Lunit 입사 축하합니다!

2020) 김기환 (MS) 티맥스 연구소  입사 축하합니다!

2020.11) Congratulations! A paper on traffic prediction and visualization (1저자: 이충기, 석사과정) is published (IEEE TVCG, top-tier journal)

2020.9) Welcome! Hyeshin Chu (MS, AI graduate school) joins the lab. She will research on deep learning models on traffic prediction.  

2020.7) Congratulations! A paper on predicting traffic speed based on attention is accepted by ACM CIKM (top-tier conference)

2020.3) Welcome!  이현욱 (석박통합)  joins the lab. He will research on Deep Learning models for traffic prediction. 

2020.1) Congratulations! A paper on Human-AI Partnership in Design  (1저자: 이충기, 석사과정) is accepted by ACM CHI (top-tier conference)

2019.8) Congratulations! A paper on visualization thumbnails (1저자: 김휘연, 석사과정) is accepted by IEEE VIS (top-tier conference), short

2019) 이승환 (학사연구원) 네이버 입사 축하합니다!

2019) 오주영 (MS) 현대차 연구소 입사 축하합니다!

2016.6) CongratulationsTwo papers are accepted by EuroVis (top-tier conference)