2020.9) Welcome! Hyeshin Chu (MS, AI graduate school) joins the lab. She will research on deep learning models on traffic prediction.  

2020.7) Congratulations! A paper on predicting traffic speed based on attention is accepted by ACM CIKM

2020.1) Congratulations! A paper on Human-AI Partnership in Design  (1저자: 이충기, 석사과정) is accepted by ACM CHI.

2019.8) Congratulations! A paper on visualization thumbnails (1저자: 김휘연, 석사과정) is accepted by IEEE VIS.

Congratulations! A paper on traffic prediction and visualization (1저자: 이충기, 석사과정) is accepted by IEEE TVCG.

2016.6) CongratulationsTwo papers are accepted by EuroVis