----------Submitted/Under Revision

*M. Shin et al., StoryAuthoring  (TVCG)

*H. Kim et al., Visualization Thumbnails (TVCG)

*S. Jin et al., Traffic XAI (TVCG)

---------In Preparation/Working Papers

*H. Lee et al.,  Traffic Deep Learning (IEEE ITS)

*H. Lee et al.,  Deep Neural Memory Networks (AAAI)

*J. Kim et al., Dark Pattern (CHI)

*H. Lee et al., TrafficEventVis (EuroVis)

*S. Choi et al., ModVis (EuroVis)

*K. Moon et al., Taxi Demand Prediction 

*Speed Prediction, TTE, AutoML

---------- Selected Publications (bold: lab members,  *: corresponding, red: Top-tier Conference/Journal)

*Dongyun Han, Gorakh Parsad, Hwiyeon KimJaekyom Shim, Oh-Sang Kwon,  Kyung A Son, Jooyoung Lee, Isaac Cho,  and Sungahn Ko*,
HisVA: A Visual Analytics System for Studying History (2021)
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer  Graphics (TVCG, top-tier), online pre-print 

*Yunha Han, Hwiyeon Kim, Hyeshin Chu, Joohee Kim, Hyunwook Lee, Seunghyeong Choe, Dooyoung Jung, Dongil Chung, Bum Chul Kwon, Sungahn Ko*
Wait, Let's Think about Your Purchase Again: A Study on Interventions for Supporting Self-Controlled Online Purchases (2021)
The Web Conference (TheWebConf., WWW, top-tier),  pages 2476-2487

*Hyunwook Lee, Cheonbok Park, Seungmin Jin, Hyeshin Chu, Jaegul Choo*, Sungahn Ko*
An Empirical Experiment on Deep Learning Models for Predicting Traffic Data (2021)
IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE, top-tier), short

*Cheonbok Park,  Chunggi Lee, Hyojin Bahng, Taeyun Won, Kihwan Kim, Seungmin Jin, Sungahn Ko*, Jaegul Choo*
STGRAT: A Spatio-Temporal Graph Attention Network for Traffic Forecasting (2020)
ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM, top-tier), pages 1215-1224

*Chunggi Lee, Sanghoon Kim, Dongyun Han, Hongjun YangYoung-Woo Park, Bum Chul Kwon, Sungahn Ko*
GUIComp: A GUI Design Assistant with Real-Time, Multi-Faceted Feedback (2020)
ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI, top-tier) , Pages 1-13

*Chunggi Lee, Yeonjun Kim, Seungmin Jin, Dongmin Kim, Ross Maciejewski, David Ebert, and Sungahn Ko*, 
A Visual Analytics System for Exploring, Monitoring, and Forecasting Road Traffic Congestion (2020)
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer  Graphics (TVCG, top-tier), 26(11): 3133-3146, 2020, ISSN: 1077-2626, IF: 4.558

*Hwiyeon Kim, Juyoung Oh, Yunha Han, Sungahn Ko*, Matthew Brehmer, Bum Chul Kwon
Thumbnails for Data Stories: A Survey of Current Practices (2019)
IEEE VIS (top-tier), short

*Sungahn Ko, Isaac Cho, Shehzad Afzal, Calvin Yau, Junghoon Chae, Abish Malik, Kaethe Beck, Yun Jang, William Ribarsky, David S. Ebert 
A Survey on Visual Analysis Approaches for Financial Data (2016)
Computer Graphics Forum (EuroVis, top-tier),  35(3):599-617

*Jiawei Zhang, Benjamin Ahlbrand, Abish Malik, Junghoon Chae, Zhiyu Min, Sungahn Ko and David S. Ebert 
A Visual Analytics Framework for Microblog Data Analysis at Multiple Scales of Aggregation (2016)
Computer Graphics Forum (EuroVis, top-tier),  35(3): 441-450, 2016


*Sungahnn Ko, Jieqiong Zhao, Jing Xia, Shehzad Afzal, Xiaoyu Wang, Greg Abram, Niklas Elmqvist,, Len Kne, David Van Riper, Kelly Gaither, Shaun Kennedy, William Tolone, William Ribarsky, David S. Ebert
VASA: Interactive Computational Steering of Large Asynchronous Simulation Pipelines for Societal Infrastructure (2014)
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE VIS, top-tier), 20(12):1853-1862

*Sungahnn Ko, Shehzad Afzal, Yang Yang, Junghoon Chae, Abish Malik, Yun Jang David Ebert
Analyzing High-dimensional Multivariate Network Links with Integrated Anomaly Detection, Highlighting and Exploration (2014)
IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Sciences and Technology (IEEE VIS, top-tier), p83-92

*Chen, V.Y., Razip, A.M., Ko, Sungahn, Qian, C.Z., and Ebert, D.S. 
Multi-aspect Visual Analytics on Large-scale High-dimensional Cyber Security Data (2013)
Information Visualization, 14(1), 62–75, 2013

*Maciejewski, R., Pattath, A., Ko, Sungahn, Hafen, R., Cleveland, W., Ebert, D.
Automated Box-Cox Transformations for Improved Visual Encoding  (2013)
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG, top-tier), 19(1): 130-140

*Sungahn Ko, Jang, Y., Maciejewski, R., Ebert, D 
MarketAnalyzer: An Interactive Visual Analytics System for Analyzing Competitive Advantage Using Point of Sale Data (2012)
Computer Graphics Forum (EuroVis, top-tier), 31(3):1245-1254

*Sungahn Ko, KyungTae Kim, Tejas Kulkarni, Niklas Elmqvist
Applying mobile device soft keyboards to collaborative multitouch tabletop displays: design and evaluation (2011)
Proceedings of Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS, currently ISS),  p130-139

*KyungTae Kim, Sungahn Ko, Niklas Elmqvist, David S. Ebert
WordBridge: Using Composite Tag Clouds in Node-Link Diagrams for Visualizing Content and Relations in Text Corpora (2011)
Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), p1-8 [PDF]

*Man-Keun Seo, Sungahn Ko, Kyu Ho Park
NLE-FFS: A Flash File System with PRAM for Non-linear Editing (2009)
IEEE Transactions On Consumer Electronics, 55(4):2016-2024 [PDF]

-----------------------Domestic Publications

*이재성, 김기환, 이충기, 고성안, 시각화 기반 딥러닝 분석 기술, 소음 진동, 제 27권 제6호, 20-24, 한국소음진동공학회, 2017
*오유상, 이충기, 오주영, 양지현, 곽희나, 문성우, 박소환, 고성안, 비주얼 애널리틱스 연구 소개, 한국컴퓨터그래픽스, 제22권 제5호, 27-36, 2016


*김승규, 한동윤, 고성안, 박영우, AirScope, Excellence Prize (우수상), Creative Award, Exhibition, HCI Korea, 2018, [VIDEO]


*Yunha Han, Chunggi Lee, Sanghoon Kim, Sungahn Ko*, System Architecture for Progressive Augmented Reality,  MobiSys, 2019 (Poster)

*Kihwan Kim, Sanghoon Kim, Chunggi Lee, Sungahn Ko*, Modeling Exploration/Exploitation Decisions through Mobile Sensing for Understanding Mechanisms of Addiction, MobiSys, 2019 (Poster)

*Kuatbek Mukabak, Meirambek Omyrzak , Sungahn Ko*Insight Provenance In Learning, PacificVis, 2017 (Poster)

*고성안, 이경한, 한윤하, 저지연 증강현실 시스템을 위한 점진적 데이터 처리 기술, 출원일: 2019/11/28, 10-2019-0155582, 록일: 2021/6/4, 등록번호: 10-2263633

*고성안, 이충기, 모바일 환경에서 그래픽 유저 인터페이스 디자인을 보조 하는 방법 및 장치, 출원일: 2019/1/4, 10-2019-0001190, 등록일: 2021/3/3, 등록번호: 10-2225356

*고성안이충기, 도로 교통 정체 탐사, 모니터링 및 예측을 위한 대화형 시각화 분석  시스템, 10-2018-0079727, 출원일: 2018/7/10, 등록일 2020/6/23, 등록번호 10-2127639

*박영우,고성안,김승규,한동윤 에어스코프: 투명 디스플레이를 활용한 전세계 미세먼지 탐색 및 시각화 장치10-2018-0083657,  출원일: 2018/7/18, 등록일: 2019/12/9, 등록번호: 10-2054379

*고성안, 김휘연, AI 피드백 기반 뉴스 기사 시각화 섬네일 디자인 시스템, 10-2020-0158870, 출원일: 2020/11/24

*고성안, 한윤하, 최승형, C-ITS 기반 차량의 증강현실 HUD 시스템, 10-2020-0123121, 출원일: 2020/9/23